The approach is simple and effective. 
•    Identify your intention.
   •    Meditate while silently holding your intention.
      •    Draw the feeling of your intention.
         •    Interpret the drawing as a metaphor of your intention.

The Intuitive Mind

1. What has been done in the past?

Thought. Word. Deed. All we say and do is a result of our thoughts and beliefs. In our western-minded culture, “The Enlightenment” taught us to operate from our rational minds. Marked by increased empiricism and scientific rigor, the Enlightenment has taken us to the moon, produced the silicon chip and wrote metrics to measure life systems on our Earth. It serves us well, but the story needs to continue. We have forgotten the sacred gift of the intuitive mind.


2. Why is rational analysis alone insufficient?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”                   - Unknown
Today we need to solve problems, forge relationships, imagine possibilities, and empower others to meet new challenges. The western rational analytical mind has not been incorrect, but simply insufficient. It is correct yet incomplete similar to Newtonian physics being correct yet incomplete in light of 20th century Quantum Mechanics.

3. A further solution?

Similar to expanding our consciousness to accept modern quantum theory into our lives, we now need to expand our consciousness and learn new ways to solve today’s problems. Today it is necessary to grow our consciousness beyond western rational thought to satisfy those challenges. The solution resides in gaining access to our intuitive mind. By connecting clearly with our intuitive mind we exponentially expand our inner awareness. One way this can be learned is through art and meditation techniques.

4. How is this different?

Through art and meditation techniques, participants are empowered. They are temporarily liberated from their over-biased linear thinking that prevent them from new imaginings. They place themselves in the field of unlimited possibilities to solve problems. They connect with their imaginations to confront seemingly insurmountable challenges. They place their personal agendas aside, melding with others seeking the best possible collective outcome.

Unleash your team's creativity, gain clarity, and clear a path for a breakthrough idea - an Aha! moment - to emerge.