Intuitive Drawing by Gregory Splinter

Groups - Couples


Working as a team, we'll clear a space for you. You'll take a step closer to understanding your true self. During a half-day session with drawing as a tool, we'll discover a path for you to move forward in life with purpose and clarity. Experience as an artist is not necessary. Beginners are encouraged – Just bring an open mind, open heart, and open will!

Gregory Splinter will use the intuitive process to help guide you to achieve clarity around issues in your life. During the session, you will:

  1. Draw - We will complete a single intuitive drawing each.
  2. Discuss -  We will interpret the symbol and metaphor of that drawing.
  3. Discover - We will find your gem.

     Learning Objectives

Your Participation

  • De-stress - Allow new possibilities to emerge.
  • Meditate - Sit in silence and access your deep inner wisdom.

Quiet your thoughts. Trust your feelings. Reside in your heart. Draw what you feel. Together we will figure out the rest. 

  • Access - Tap into your intuition.
  • Create! - Draw a color abstract of your project's intention.
  • Interpret  - Derive your specific meaning from the abstract art using symbol and metaphor, and distill it into a plan of action.

•    Raise self-awareness
•    Couples Empowerment
•    Assimilating new ideas
•    Self-discovery

We take a different approach. It involves simple yet often over-looked tools available to all of us: meditation, intuition, imagination, and the capacity for deep artistic expression. Again, experience as an artist is not necessary - you already have everything you need to successfully engage in this process.