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Heather Fennimore - President "Humanscale"

Extremely positive results. …hesitant how my young global executive team would respond to something so different. …worked through our journey of building our global business …brought clarity to our challenges and gave us insight into future expansion "exciting stuff."
                         Gregory has a presence about him. …put my team at ease …relaxed but excited at the same time.  I highly recommend his programs to anyone with open mind and hearts. 


Steve Blye, AIA, LEED AP - Creative Director / Associate Director of Healthcare "Legat Architects"

Gregory’s “Intuitive Design Workshop’ was an eye-opening and mind-expanding exercise in pure creativity with nearly no restrictions, stress, or pressure to “get it right.” Relaxed with dream-like music while rubbing vibrant pastels against midnight black palettes, our ideas flowed, and colors glowed like neon against the dark void. Our presentations to our non-judgmental peers were a cathartic expression of soul-searching and shared empathy.

Jim Olson - President "e3 Lighting"

...opened up portals!  ...helped bring feelings to light which will help us cultivate the open and honest communication we value so much in our business.                                                                                                                                                ... a simple drawing and sharing interpretations is priceless,  ... allows for a deeper understanding of how people are feeling.  ... your process helps bring words to feelings.

Pita Daniels - Artist

"The process Gregory led us through established a space for the heart to be heard.  This hearing process included a visual journey.  The follow-up discussion was informed by the visual journey and tempered by the thoughts and feelings the participants experienced on that journey.  We were led by a power greater than each individual to a place of community where a broader vision emerged, much different than in processes I have participated that relied on the analytical/logical.  I felt like I could tap into a presence greater than myself that included all the fellow participants and the 'idea' waiting to emerge.  Very fulfilling."

Jenabeth Ferguson - VP, Symposium Director "Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo"

"... an experiential quality that not just educates the audience but actively engages them in the learning process."                       "... brings everyone together and makes them feel much more invested in the process and solution."


Joe Weber - National Director of Healthcare "Humanscale"

"I don't know why this works.  It just DOES!"



William Neil - Symphony Composer

"There are sounds and colors beyond our senses that communicate directly through the intuitive nature of our primal instincts. Gregory Splinter has invented an extraordinary language of shapes and colors that speaks this language."


Francis Pitts, FAIA - Principal "architecture +" National Vice-President AIA 2015

Drawing with Gregory is akin to sitting quietly on a garden stool with a pencil and sketch pad and through that exercise really seeing the stone wall for the first time.

Dr. Mark Rowe - Global Wellness Speaker, Author, Physician, founder "Waterford Health Park, Ireland"

"...tremendous application in the world of self development."
                                            "...permission to open up new possibilities to emerge."


Rosemary Kimani & Claire Rouger - Co-authors and founders of "Authentic Food Quest"

"... we consciously brought the heart forward as a couple. Gregory gently eased us into the exercise ... simple, and the results powerful...  gained new insights into how we see each other...  the 'masterpieces' we created continue to be revealing."

Fiona de Vos, Ph.D. - Environmental Psychologist "Studio dVO"

"... your gentle and inspiring guidance."
                     "... a manifestation of that powerful moment and a wonderful way to reconnect to that feeling."


Sue Lessen - IL, Boards & Commissions "Village of Hoffman Estates",

"Wow, Gregory.  My head is spinning with your insight.  I would never have thought of it that way.  Ever.  Thank you for bringing me a brand new positive perspective on this mess."
                                  "I shall now concentrate on the gratitude part of my body."

DESIGN Reviews & Intuitive Design Projects

Jacob Hundt - Administrator, Founding Member of "Youth Initiative (Waldorf) High School"

“Gregory's method of Contemplative Architecture explicitly recognizes the deep truth about imaginative creation that all great artists, architects, and even scientists have known - namely, that buildings, artworks, and new ideas have a kind of independent existence, even before they become manifest in the external world.”

Tom Houlihan, AIA - Decision Support

"Adept at using both rational and intuitive considerations in the development of project enthusiastic about his contributions and inspirational in his approach focused without being coercive wide open to the perspective of others while encouraging a collaborative experience in his efforts."

Tony Macasaet, M.D. - Emergency Physician & Medical Director Main Street Developer

"... honored to work with Gregory and feel his passionate and intuitive approach to architecture is the optimal way to achieve a lasting and meaningful sense of place. Through careful, contemplative practices and stream of consciousness, Gregory conjures an original artist’s vision of the spaces he works on."

Michael Corr, D.C. - founder "Holistic Health Center"

"... a relaxing design flow by taking a simple idea and giving it a unique style and flare."


Prudence Tippins - Writer

"Walking the land of our expanding retreat center with Gregory was simply magical. His sense of the energy flow of the land combined with compelling practical insights resulted in our rethinking our whole plan. The vision we created together is nothing short of spell-binding. Now that I've experienced the serendipitous, 'je ne sais quoi' of Gregory's approach, I will never again plan a space without utilizing intuitive design as its basis."


Thomas White - CEO at C-Suite Network

"... captured a vision of our design in ways that no other architect could. He was able to convert his visualization into an architectural drawing that helped us see how our dream would come to life."

Eight Intuitive Design Projects

Straw Bale Home.JPG

Gays Mills.JPG