Intuitive Drawing by Gregory Splinter

Architecture ~ Urban Design ~ Interior Design

Design Breakthrough Charette

Your award winning design team just scored another one. As studio head you're thinking there is no limit to what they can do. You know they are up to a challenge, even an experiment, to boost their game even higher. Now is the time to let go and allow the collective genius of your team to emerge and manifest in a bold new expression of intent - an even more vigorous design path forward.

Gregory Splinter Inc. will do just that. Together we will review your building program intention then proceed as a team in the "Design Breakthrough Charette." At the workshop's end your studio will have completed:

  1. A single team intuitive drawing of the intended design project

  2. Design interpretation of the intuitive drawing

  3. Schematic Design phase

  4. Design Development phase partially completed

The Design Process

Your Facilitator

  • De-stress - Allow new possibilities to emerge.

  • Meditate - Sit in silence and access your deep inner wisdom.

Gregory will facilitate. You will design.

  • Access - Tap into your intuition.

  • Create! - Draw a color abstract of your project's intention.

  • Interpret - Derive the architecture, form and function, from the abstract.

Applications in:
•    Architecture
•    Urban design
•    Place making
•    Housing
•    Sacred space
•    Neighborhoods

This approach is an antidote to business-as-usual. It's an innovative practice that challenges your team to approach a typical design in an atypical way. It is that last 10% that separates the merely good from the truly excellent.