Intuitive Drawing by Gregory Splinter

Municipal  ~  Corporate ~ Institutional

Project Clarity & Team Building

Your A-Team of high-powered, high-functioning leaders are at a crossroads. They'll always give you their best, but you realize team decision making is a complex process involving cognitive and emotional responses. They live on high power challenges. They're ready to experience something new.

Gregory Splinter Inc. will co-guide your project team through our unique intuitive process. We will companion your team to clarify the best possible direction. At the session's end, your project team will have completed:

  1. a team intuitive drawing(s) symbolizing the intention

  2. a discussion interpreting the symbol and metaphor of that drawing

  3. clarity interpreted from the intuitive drawing

     Learning Objectives

Workshop Course Outline

  • De-stress - Allow new possibilities to emerge.

  • Meditate - Sit in silence and access your deep inner wisdom.

Within a typical Workshop, the group forms into initial break-out teams of 5 or 6 persons.

  • Access - Tap into your intuition.

  • Create! - Draw a color abstract of your project's intention.

  • Interpret - Derive your specific meaning from the abstract art using symbol and metaphor, and distill it into a plan of action.

•    Group intention
•    Team building
•    Mission statements
•    Business clarity
•    Decision making

A workshop for the artist that lives deeply within each of us. Experience as an artist is not necessary. Arrive with an open mind and heart. Roll up your sleeves with your colleagues, and together you'll embark on a journey of playful self-discovery that will liberate and empower you to collectively seek new insights and solutions.