Gaining Insight to Lose Weight

Over the past twenty years my weight has slowly climbed. My best efforts to lose weight have only resulted in a good exercise regime and not gaining weight quickly. I needed a boost, so I joined a confidential weight loss group to help with the effort.

I’ve often felt that meditative art and intuition can be a transformational tool to gain insight into a variety of personal and professional matters. I wondered if intuitive drawing could help me gain insight into my relationship with food.

That night, it was my turn to lead our weight loss group. We are using the 21 lessons of Marianne Williamson’s “A Course in Weight Loss” as the curriculum, and we were on Lesson 3 – “Build Your Altar.” The overview of this lesson is to call upon a Higher Power as your living reality to affect your body and soul, that is to say, get spiritually clear and you will automatically default to your optimal body shape.

As leader that night I thought it best for each of us to go around the table taking turns reading the lesson out loud, then use the remaining hour for art-meditation drawing. I explained that we would gain personal insights into our relationship with food through intuitive drawing. They were game.

The intention of our individual drawings would be to make an intuitive, heart-centered graphic depiction of your relationship with food, to gain insight and clarity. I informed my colleagues that experience as an artist is not necessary, but simply placing aside any voices of judgement, cynicism and fear that might arise during the meditation.

After we completed the reading, we began the drawing. First we practiced getting the feel of the paper and color pastels; we found the expressive qualities of the medium. Then we meditated to experience insight into our relationships with ourselves and our eating habits. Following ten minutes of guided silent mediation, we began the drawing. We began drawing what we felt about our intention, not what we consciously knew. As our group is confidential, I will comment only on my own experience.

We took turns presenting our completed drawings individually to the group. We had our own insights as to what we believed our drawing meant. We also gained terrific clarity from what others metaphorically interpreted from our drawings.

Now it was my turn to present my drawing to the group:

In the upper right-hand corner, surpisingly I saw a face. Not being political here, but I saw a Donald Trump-like, joker face with red horizontal eyes and funky blonde hair with a smirking grin. The only thing I could identify in the remaining drawing were four oval shapes which I thought represented four ears. Little else made sense.

A group member then chimed in saying the four ovals weren’t ears, but appeared to be more like eyes. Saying that, that portion of the drawing imagery clarified into two demonic faces with horns and pointy teeth, having the resemblance of two primitive tribal war masks.

My internal knowing then came quickly into focus. For me, the drawing raised my awareness that I am fighting two demons; one of the demons is food and the other demon is drink. I surmise that the demon isn’t the food or the drink, but the out-of-balance relationship I have with food and drink. Truth be known, through the years I have developed a love-hate relationship with food and drink and have thereby grown out of balance with them emotionally. All the while, the Joker enjoys lurking from his place in the corner, grinning, looking on, and watching the scene slowly devolve.

After having completed this intuitive drawing experience, I now have a raised awareness of my own inner mechanism, my own reality, around my food issues. I am now able to make better decisions based on this raised awareness, empowering me for a better life.