Workshop - Orlando, FL

In conjunction with the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo 2016, I was asked to facilitate an intuitive workshop for conference attendees. The workshop took place at the Stantec office in Orlando, FL. Stantec is a global architecture engineering firm. The event was co-sponsored by Humanscale.

As the workshop progressed that day, the experience of the workshop participants’ drawings and reflections was deep. Along with my questions inviting participants to reflect on what they had drawn, others in the group also shared their amazing insights into their colleagues’ drawings.

Though I am the facilitator of the workshop, I am also a participant. As a participant on this particular day in Orlando, the intention I held for my drawing was to gain further clarity of my role as workshop leader/facilitator.

I went last to present my drawing. Like the participants before me, I was at first befuddled as to what I drew, but in short time and with the introspections of others in our group, we interpreted my intuitive drawing.

“A musical instrument!” someone said. “Look. There are the strings, the neck, the frets, the hole in the soundboard.” “It looks like a lute!” another said.

Participating in my own workshop

The magic for me was, with the participants' help, discerning and interpreting this drawing as being a musical instrument.

The participants helped me connect the idea that my best service to others as the workshop facilitator was to be an ‘instrument!’ That meant I wasn't the music. I wasn't the musician. I was, in the best possible sense, the instrument which others played to make their own special music. I was ‘instrumental’ for others to express their best possible selves, to beautifully connect with their own reality, in their own expressive fashion.