Gregory Splinter

Gregory Splinter is a mindfulness facilitator who holds meditation and intuitive drawing workshops as a process for dynamic transformation for businesses, individuals and designers. The heart-mind workshop he offers encourages participants to tap into their inner creativity to solve problems in ways using linear thought processes alone could not. So while his kids are walking to school, Gregory may be Skyping with a client in Europe, or personally leading a workshop group somewhere in southwest Wisconsin and beyond.

Intuitive Drawing by Gregory Splinter

Throughout his career as an architect and urban designer, Gregory has applied mindfulness in his designs. As a graduate student, his thesis explored “Design through Contemplation” and over time, the more his mindful technique worked for him, the more he recognized that it could have meaningful impact for others as well. These days, Gregory offers his mindfulness techniques to benefit both businesses and individuals, addressing their own specific “issues, challenges and situations.” Through his facilitation, Gregory’s clients take a journey of deep curiosity applying meditation and intuitive drawing techniques to experience the Eureka! A-ha! moment they seek.

Gregory authored "Design through Contemplation" and is a licensed member of the American Institute of Architects. He holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the University of Texas at Austin.