imagine your deep inner wisdom and heart-mind intelligence at your fingertips

Gregory Splinter Inc. offers a value-added process that believes designers, business, and individuals can emerge breakthrough ideas by accessing their heart-mind intelligence. We have cultivated meditation and intuitive drawing techniques that help clients access their deep inner wisdom and human heart intelligence to achieve their chosen clarity in business, design and personal self-development.

  • Intuition is the recognition of the soul's impulse within our lives. It builds our abilities to act with an awareness of the power that is concealed within the present moment. Intuition requires that we regularly take a personal inventory of our values, beliefs, past actions, present hopes, and future dreams. We live our lives based on what we believe. Our actions are preceded by our beliefs.


  • Our consciousness is reflected back to us. What we look for we will find. So, the question is 'Where do our beliefs come from?’ I would guess the overwhelming answer is 'From what others have told us'. We have very few original thoughts that comprise our beliefs. As individuals, we are defined by assumptions that have been formed over generations.


  • But, what if we are more than this? What if we are powerful beings about to awaken from a long night of dreams? What if we are at a tipping point of illumination, on the verge of uncovering the deep knowing of our origin and with it the capacity to bring about global peace? What would it be like to feel our connections to the whole and choose our actions based on this as reality? How would you be different today? How would this realization influence your actions?


  • Our collective challenge and opportunity is to surrender the illusions that keep us cocooned in assumptions and limitations, and like the butterfly dissolve into our imaginal selves and redefine the world envisioning a future.

Intuitive Drawing by Gregory Splinter

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Each drawing above resulted following 20 minutes of early morning meditation. Shortly after, a short verse was written to accompany each drawing.

With no agenda or held intentions, the intuitive mind is free to explore.

Watercolor pen brushes on watercolor paper. 7" x 7"